NODE.js Support is a New Consideration for Mobile App builders, Rarely Written About

I have an excellent hosting service in the USA
I have a so-called PROFESSIONAL account that allows almost any kind of script or module installation. I’ve had hosting at maybe 20 hosting companies in the USA & Europe. 4 hosts now – 2 in Europe, 2 in the USA

What I have learned now is that I cannot just make the common mobile apps – html5 & progressive web apps with the latest js technologies.

NODE, VUE, REACT – the backbones, so to speak, of mobile apps in 2019 require me to JUMP UP to a SELF-Administered server because I must have ROOT ACCESS to be able to use these most common Javascript technologies.

At all hosting services a Root Acess, Self-Administered, Dedicated Server is always a huge leap in price from the “professional-but-shared” hosting accounts.

I am at a standstill because I was hoping to use databases already IN my hosting accounts to hold the dynamic data and read it back into the mobile app views in real-time.

Why has Wappler not written an article about this huge CAVEAT before diving into building Mobile Apps for those of us hoping to use existing website accounts & databases?