Node.js on Docker Question

I finally managed to set up a Docker project!

If I make a PHP project I can connect to a database no problem. If I make a Node.js project it doesn’t see a database. Which server am I using in a Node.js project? The Docker or the Node.js one that doesn’t have a database?

Perfect @brad :+1:

NodeJs server model like php , net etc … (short explantation nodejs is server side javascript )

you can use all database models and remote and local . it doesnt matter

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But the node JS server doesn’t have a local database. So this will be confusing for new users?

no no just choose database and connect like php server model …

But you have to have a database first. So new users would already have to have a remote database or install something like MAMP to connect to it.

Docker with PHP has a sample database at least.

Anyways, I look forward to your tutorials. Thank you.

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You are right, a template nodejs docker can be prepared for this.
ready to use templates

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edit I thought you would just add the database, it is not included by default. I created a new test project to demonstrate.

  1. Here we see in the terminal that only the web service is started.

  2. We click on the Project Settings icon (the gear icon) to open up the project settings.

  3. We click on Targets and see that the Database is currently set to None.

  4. We change the Database from None to our preferred database type. I select mysql.

  5. The default mysql settings should be fine, but can be adjusted as need be. I chose to leave the sample data. I also chose to enable the sql log (because I like logs :slight_smile: ).

  6. We click on save so that our settings are saved and look for the green notifications in the bottom right hand corner.

  7. At this point, the database will not be showing in Wappler, so you click on deploy to activate the new mysql container.

hmm, at this point, I started hitting errors in Docker, where both the web and db containers constantly restarted with errors.

@brad is that what you are running into?


I think I didn’t do step seven. And database wouldn’t connect. Which makes sense now. I will try in the morning again.


I must be one of the luckiest Wappler users on the planet :joy:. The only difference between what @scott has done and what I have done for my test is that I used the Sample Data with the following result

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Following up on my previous reply, I did find a little bug in the process. I had to create a Server Action before the Database Manager recognised the database connection.

Not sure why, but I switched from Development to Local, went through the automatic install of node packages and then switched back to Development and the database was there and no further issues with Docker. :slight_smile:

I think that is what happened to me. But I never thought to create a server connect action. I will test and confirm both your guys theories in the morning.

Thanks guys

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Ok, I tried both @scott and @ben ideas.

I went through all seven steps of Scott’s post and still couldn’t connect to database.

Created a server connection as Ben suggested and then I was able to connect to database. Seems Ben stumbled across a bug.