No way to disable Med editor from properties section?

HI, I upgraded to Wappler pro and was checking out the med editor - I invoked it but then there was no was to disable it from properties section - I had to manually cull it out of the code. If this is a bug pls let me know - but I’m new so maybe I need to adjust my workflow.


It would appear that the ability to disable it is not available as far as i can see. Perhaps an oversight by the team.

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Hyperbytes, as a new user it is hard for me to know if I’m just missing something.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question - and thanks for all of your videos!!!

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I actually have no idea what you mean by this - do you mean you add medium editor and can not delete it after that?

Maybe you can share a screenshot to see what you mean

Sure, first picture below - I have a text field selected and med editor is not invoked (orange arrow).

Second picture below - same text field in properties section but now it is a med editor - the problem is there is no place in the med editor properties ( inside the orange square area) to turn it off (to make it go back to a plain text field)

Also - (another issue) in the second photo you can see the buttons are not displaying properly, some are hidden (yellow arrow) and no amount of resizing the properties panel will make them all display correctly.

Hope this help and sorry if I was hard to understand :slight_smile:


Just manually delete it from the code. It is very simple to locate what you have to delete.

Yes, like I mentioned in my first post, that is what I did - but I thought the Wappler tag line was no coding required - not a big deal, just thought I would mention it in case they wanted to put in a option to remove it…

Well spotted Norm! You found a good inconsistency here.

We haven’t updated the Medium Editor component yet to meet our latest way to “extending” existing components with others.

The new way is the “Make xxx” way as we have for example when you want to make a date picker from a regular text input:


and after that to remove it (turn it back to regular input:


So this is the way we are going to do it with all controls that can be extended/turned into other onces.

We just haven’t updated the medium editor yet.

As for you second issue (yes again multiple issues in one topic :wink: ) - we will check that out as well :slight_smile:

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