No save option when editing an API using the new tab in Beta 6

Wappler: v4.0.0 B6
OS: Mac
Server Model: PHP

When editing an API script by double-clicking and using the new tab feature, there’s no ‘Save’ option. If I close the tab and look in the Steps, no changes are there.

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you can use command and S to save but yeah I also don’t see a save button anymore

Yep, although I generally only use cmd-s to save files and not API actions. I’m happy to adapt my workflow although having a save button would be preferable.

Was about to post this.
Although, I think the idea here would be to use the main menu, just like for other tabs - since Ctrl+S does work, as pointed out.

But, having a “unsaved” blue dot indicator would be a great addition - and more inline with how other tabs function.


Great suggestion.

And stopping you closing the tab if it’s not been saved. At the moment you close it unaware the changes haven’t been saved and they’re lost.

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Actually we removed the save button on purpose to comply the other editors workflow.

So it is either ctrl+s are via the menu file save (it is coming up)

The edited blue dot indicator is coming up.


Would still love the wider column to return. That’s quite a step back for me.

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We are getting split tabs jon :slight_smile: It’s been confirmed.

You won’t miss the old way believe me :slight_smile:

A whole new level of productivity is coming with that. Specially if you have a big screen as you do.


You better be right :wink:

Let me deflect that.

It better be good @George my reputation is at stake here.