No landscape phone in properties

I wanted to adjust some properties that would be specific to landscape phone but that orientation does not show up in the properties section (only in the design view). If this is a bug pls let me know - but I’m new so maybe I need to adjust my workflow for this.


We haven’t yet connected the design view display devices to also making changes to that particular device only. This will be the next step in the design panel.

For now the device choice just gives you a view how your site will render on this device

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Sorry I was responding to your second issue only.

Please try to post each issue in a separate post.

And also use more descriptive titles :slight_smile:

Edited out for clarity

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I know what you are meaning @norcoscia, there are no landscape phone properties in the properties panels and in reality there probably never will be as the properties panels always accounted for all 5 sizes in the bootstrap framework already.
The portrait phone icon you are seeing above the design panel is actually the “ALL” icon in the current properties panel.
Bootstrap 4 dropped the xs rule which was for portrait mobile and just left it as “ALL” so if you are designing with a proper mobile first approach, then you start with Portrait Mobile in the design view and the “ALL” set in the properties panels, then once you are happy with your webpage, you switch to Landscape Mobile in Design view, you make adjustments to your layout by selecting the phone icon in the Properties panel and it will only affect the Landscape Mobile view.


Phone IS All
Landscape Phone IS Phone
Tablet IS Tablet
Laptop IS Laptop
Desktop IS Desktop
FULL IS Desktop

In a short while, hopefully Wappler will add the ability to switch to the view you want in the Design View panel and all layout changes you make will automatically only apply to that view, so that was what George was talking about.

I hope that clears it up a little. If I have anything incorrectly assigned there @George or @Teodor please let me know, but thats the way I have been using it for the moment.

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Thank you pswb, I will see if I can get it to do what I want using the concept you outlined above. And thanks for taking the time to give such a detailed answer!!!

Good explanation Paul!

Well when we added the landscape phone, I was thinking to change the icon phone in the property panels to landscape phone and the ALL icon to phone but ... as you explained it indeed the lowest is actually the ALL icon ... so it will create only confusion.

And also in the icons in the bootstrap property panels are for the devices and UP.

That is why we had this discussion:

So I'm still not convinced about the best icons in the bootstrap properties panel and how should they switch.
As indeed sometimes you want quickly to switch to another one for just settings without changed the view.

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In my honest opinion, i would leave all of them as you have them but just make the phone icon landscape instead of portrait.
Thats my thinking as then the only one that will not tie up is the portrait phone, to the all icon, which I think most people will understand.

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With Bootstrap 4 you have to design for the phone first and then for the bigger devices.

If you first develop for desktop and then for phone the order of bootstrap seems a bit strange, if you want to have a different style just for phone and and other for all other devices, then you have to set the phone style on the All property and the style for all the other devices on the phone property.

For someone that doesn’t know how the order in bootstrap is, that can be very confusing. I think the All property is clear enough, but for the others it should probably say like for tablet deveice and up, now users unknown with bootstrap would probably think they set a style specific for tablet when they select it. Or perhaps highlight all the devices that are being affected by the change.

I hope you guys can give us some good feedback on this.

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Brilliant idea, love it, I still get a little confused sometimes, as if you set all you would imagine it to do all except for say tablet if you set something different in tablet, but it works where “All” then becomes all up until your tablet override and then the tablet override becomes everything from tablet up.

I think you idea will make it far clearer to the everyday user and me too.

Thanks Patrick