No data from server connect fetching data from mysql on content page just on layout page

Wappler Version : 5.8.2
Operating System : windows 11
Server Model: nodejs
Database Type:mysql
Hosting Type:

Actual behavior

updating app connect to beta and data should show. But only serverconnect from layout page is connecting /starting and fetching data from mysql database. Server connect from content pages is not connecting or fetching data from mysql at all. It seems like the server connect don’t connect/ triggers at all

Making a new layoutpage and a new page the data is fetched and everything is ok.

But making and new page on an old layout page the mysql data is not fetched. Except from the main layout page not the new content page. It seems also her that the server connect don’t connect/ triggers at all.

I’ve experienced the exact same behavior, but being a newbie to wappler, still wasn’t sure if it’s my error or not hehe.