No Actions Properties available in rc1

Wappler Version : 3.0.0 rc1
Operating System : 10.15.5

Expected behavior

Properties should show for the selected action

Actual behavior

Empty panel

How to reproduce

This seems to happen everywhere…let me know if you need more details.

I can confirm this. On a Mac.

Same here. And if you add a browser.goto after something else, the browser.goto isn’t even clickable.

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Same on Windows

So you mean no Actions properties are available at all? No matter new or existing actions?

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It would seem so.


Well now in Release Candidate cycle we plan to release updates every day or two so will tackle such problems quickly

Please can you message us a link for 3.0.0 Beta 3 (Windows) so we can get on with our work please George? We all appreciate the huge amount of work that has gone in to RC 1 but for us it is unusable in its current form.


Also, it would be good to know if there are likely to be any issues if we do revert, even to the previous beta for example.

In addition to the no properties for the browser there is also no properties when setting a data detail load.

I think properties are missing for any selected action - as far as I can see.

will release RC 2 update in the next hour to fix this


I’ve just noticed another case where properties don’t appear. I had applied this formatter in the previous version. Using it now, the Properties area doesn’t show any properties.

I think it’s a general problem. Clicking on these displays no property input:


Hopefully it’s the same issue as the missing properties in the actions panel.

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Seems we have a few more issues to tackle and do extensive testing, so will release the update tomorrow

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Another one. The value for the operator (Data Formatter) is showing the operator as the value and not allowing any input. Sent Teodor a video in private message.

We are back up and running using 3.0.1 Beta. We used George’s guide to re-installing Wappler and on Windows made sure to delete


As directed here:

We then used the Project Area to add our Projects one by one. Result is everything is working as it should be. We selected 3.0.1 Beta as it is the last working version we were using before updating to RC 1. We also reverted to a backup of all our Projects we made just an hour before updating to RC1 and uploaded these files overwriting any that RC1 had replaced (not sure if that made a difference in this?).~

We did not try installing RC1 after removing the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Wappler directory first, maybe this could work? We got it working with 3.0.1 and are happy to just be able to get on with our work. @George would this make a difference? ie, that this directory is not removed before updating to RC1?

This is now solved in Wappler 3.0.0-rc2

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