Built 100% with wappler!

Hello guys,

I’m excited to share a website I built with Wappler. It’s a question and answer website with all the functionalities that I needed it to have.

I want to thank the Wappler team for creating a powerful software like Wappler. Indeed all that is stopping you is your imagination if you have Wappler. I went from full stripe payment integration, connected accounts, to automated payouts when a user reaches a certain threshold. Webhook notifications and async updates.

Using summernote, I created one heck of an editor allowing image upload and the entire shebang.
I’m struggling with the module for “follow” and answer filtration which will require manipulating data within 4 repeating regions @Teodor any help will be great. ( I will get to this later)

This time, I took make time and with the way the wappler interface is now organized, my code is clean and organized. I currently have a load time of 1.03ms on the page and I created “Infinite Loading” by using the logic @Teodor shared with multi step form and a bit of Javascript.

I will appreciate any feedback from the community to either critique my methods or suggest workarounds especially for the follow, like and upvote action on the page.


Nice work and interesting site Antonio! I’m interested in the revenue stream generated, not for personal use or replication, but how is the Cashflow generated? Could you explain a little about how you thought up the idea? Was there a site in place previously which you updated or is this a new venture? Understand if you don’t wish to go in to things too deeply though! Like the infinite loading. Really would be a great native addition to Wappler to be able to do this without the customisation (but that is the lazy side of me speaking). Thanks for sharing!

Really surprised no one has commented or asked questions…


Nice work, i love it, Wappler indeed is great. Your login/signup page…i am suspecting that was a modal, it is very clean and open without the modal effect, please clarify. Thanks