Newbie Questions



A few newbie questions…

  1. When will GIT integration be available?
  2. Will you be adding a snippets panel with shortcuts/triggers?
  3. Is it possible to preview in different web browsers - I see the ‘open in browser’ button but don’t say anything to specify different web browsers to preview in?



Hello Paul,

  1. Git integration is planned, so it will come soon to Wappler.

  2. You can vote for snippets feature request in the features request category in the community, so it can get higher priority.

  3. Wappler uses your system default browser for the preview in browser button.

Question - why have you registered a second account and which one should leave/which one to remove?


I logged in with Google & then switched to my regular work email address when I set up up Pro subscription for Wappler so it was the same email addeess I use on DMXZone