New Wappler account dashboard error updating card details

Hi. I’m using the new Wappler account portal / dashboard to update my card details and it won’t accept them because of an error - Invalid stripe API version. I think this error is intended for the website developers rather than the customers.

Seems I missed adding that to the environment variables on the live server, it should work correctly now.

Yes, that did the trick. Thanks.

Can I ask why the new site has to email me a code each time I want to log in? Why can’t it let me set a password please?

Well we are moving away from passwords to more secure and easy to use solutions.

For faster login you can just use the login with community button - then you will be directly logged in if you were logged in with the community.

We will be adding more direct passwordless options later on as well - like Web Authn and the new passkeys.

Thanks for explaining, George. I just hate waiting for an email arrive to access a website or service. I know it’s “only” 30 to 60 seconds to wait, but compared to a password remembered by my browser or OS, it’s a looong time.

Will you be adding functionality like this to the Security Provider?

Why not just use “community login” then? You are already logged into the community, so it’s the same as your browser storing the password.

I thought the new account management site was going to replace the existing one, and therefore would no longer use passwords. If you’re keeping passwords and allowing the same Community session to apply to the new account management site then that’s good. No problem. :slight_smile:

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The new account management site will have multiple ways to login and the community login is not required anymore but still can be used. New methods for login like an authenticator will be added later. The same login methods will become available for Wappler.