New User Mode?

So over time Wappler has become a very powerful application. I find myself going into the application and being intimidated on where to start and even best practices. While I know there are tons of videos and tutorials, I find it difficult to even know where to start.

Is it possible for the Wappler team to make a guided process whereby a starter site can be created using a step by step guided tutorial (lack of better name)? Once done, the user could use that as a base to continue the creative effort. This would include predicting templates, css options, etc. and would gently guide the user in creating a new project and then when done, the new site would be created in Wappler where the user can then expand upon what was created in the guided tutorial. Perfect for the new user.

I should note that I have yet to create even a simple site because I find the process to be scary and daunting.


Like this one?

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Ben also has several great courses on the wappler youtube channel

I totally agree! The videos are terrific!

What I am proposing is an in app getting started tutorial thing. Basically you would be presented with options to create a new site and project and it would literally walk you through while the site is created in the background. This way new users could see what they are doing and how it directly relates to what is being down in Wappler.

When I’m using the app, I am constantly worried about if I add a new something, will it break another something.

The problem the team simply doesn't have enough time/resources to build a decent new user guide

I can’t speak to that. However with the flexibility of the app, and by making it easier for newer people, it could introduce younger user base and could only help adoption.

So like a wizard but it makes the app as you follow it?

That is why we use GIT, if you screw up you can revert with a simple click.

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Wappler has no macro language, that would be totally impractical requiring a complete new piece of software implement and 100s of hours of development. Never likely to.l happen and provides nothing that manually following a tutorial doesnt give, in fact as learning would be totally passive so learning would probably be less effective

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I have found the combination of the great videos that are on the YouTube channel and simply asking a question here I get the answer and help very efficiently.

My advice would be to simply start your project and ask questions asking the way. Even if you have to ask a question on every step. Someone here is always willing to help.


Maybe this is what I need to do... I try to take on too much at 1 time and get overwhelmed really quick.

I do wish there was a super basic project that included registration, login/logout and a very basic admin area to see users

Basicaly you have just describles the start of my course


@Hyperbytes Brian,

For your video series can you skip from 10 to 17, skipping over 11 to 16? Or at 18 the login process has things from 11 to 16 been introduced in the registration that would make it confusing to start video 18 (the basic login)


Other than the project setup, you can skip to relevant sections, for example skipping the SEO modules or the honeypots but you wont get the best from it.

The course is designed to teach workflow and techniques, not just to act as a simple how to so flitting between units may lead to confusion if you dont have the background.

Learning web dev is not a 10 minute sprint, it is a meticulous and methodical marathon.


Ok thank you

going to start today again and following your guide completely... the whole registration/login/logout part gets me not sure why, but it does.

The CRUD part of the applications comes easier to me

Got registration/login/logout working so glad to have that frustration behind me and can start working on the core part of my application.

I did it without the code for now just for the fact I want it super easy to use, long term I believe I will make it so you can only register via my mobile app that I am building as the application is really mobile driven.

I think I am finally starting to understand the basic of coding and Wappler. Thanks for the tutorials.

Are you building the mobile app in Wappler? If it's a native web app to go in the app stores, that's a whole different ball game.

Glad to see you are getting somewhere! Stick with it, you got this!

Don’t do that to me Brad!! Yes I would love to build a native app in Wappler.

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