New Teodor Tutorial ! Using Dynamic Data in Desktop and Mobile Apps


Actually, nothing but the Facts, no Fake News – :open_mouth:

here is the link to Teodor’s new & ESSENTIAL Tutorial on how to create Mobile or Desktop Apps that store and retrieve data from your database hosting server.

[Essential Information on how to connect a Mobile or Desktop App to Databases](Using Dynamic Data in Desktop and Mobile Apps)

Hello @NewMedia

The tutorial has been already added to our docs. Do you need any help, or is me just not getting the purpose of your topic? :slight_smile:

I came in looking to see if it was in your Docs – didn’t immediately see it.

So, since people usually check the Forum daily I thought I’d just notify Forum Users that you had put up some Major Apps information!

I decided to toot your own horn for you!

To me this is Exciting News.


Thanks for sharing it then! :slight_smile:

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More than Welcome, Teodor.

I’m doing the equivalent of “BREAKING NEWS!”

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Going through the Categories – etc
I clicked on a link “using-dynamic-data-in-desktop-and-mobile-apps”

It should be fixed now.

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Hello @Teodor,

while following below-tutorail

FireShot Capture 082 - Wappler Documentation - Setting up FTP Connection -|690x485
…how to use website url when I don’t have domain and hosting set up right now so I am not able to set connection successfully. Thank you…AK

Well you need a hosting set up to connect using FTP.

Can’t I use local folder instead of FTP in this case ? I want to try the mobile app making part…I read that its necessary to crate 2 project for it.
Thank you,AK

Yes but if you want to use database functionality you will need a stack capable of providing you with what you need, be it Apache, MySQL and PHP, etc, or consider Docker. For a simple Project with no database connectivity working locally shouldn’t be an issue, remembering that mobile applications can only render .html documents. So in theory you’ll have a straight simple HTML Project (Project 1) for the main part of the application, with your Frameworks and Cordova side, and on the back-end (Project 2) for data one or other server architectures supporting whatever you select to power the API side (Server Modal, be it PHP, Node, or whatever you select).

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Got it…thank you…I was just trying to use local computer for trial purpose…as I just downloads Wappler yesterday and trying to explore it…if your mobile app is already known on wappler can you share the name of app…I saw one app popdish…just wanted to see few more for look and functionalities… however I found it really good so far…I am a non programmar so facing some diffciluties to understand some things…thank you…AK