New project - Can Wappler do it?

I started building in Adalo, but run into the below issues. Just found Wappler and I hope it can solve these. If any one knows if it can be done please let me know.

  • Deep links to PWA and Website. The links needs to be the same for the website and the PWA.
  • PWA with install prompt and notifications
  • QR code generator and scanner

I haven’t made these things in Wappler, but I’m confident you can make it with Wappler.

The reason why I’m confident is because Wappler makes a lot of things easier, but it doesn’t limit you. That means that if you Wappler doesn’t have pre-made components for what you’re trying to do, you can install it yourself (requires a bit more programming). For example, you can google ‘deep link PWA’ and simply follow the instructions from everyone’s favourite Stackoverflow


I’m newer to the community, but it seems like these things are doable in Wappler. I haven’t found anything I was not able to tie in to Wappler, even if just by doing a little hand coding here and there.

I think you’ll run into a number of confusing or glitchy things, like you’d expect writing your own PWA in any dev environment. I think if you’re under a tight feature scope or schedule, this could be a steep project for your first in Wappler.

If you decide to give it a try, I recommend figuring out the essentials on paper and then get those working in Wappler. For instance, I’d want to be sure I could live with the development cycle depending on your PWA requirements. The QR code situation would be the other element I’d get working first off…

Good luck & let us know where you end up!

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All very doable. PWA is documented on YouTube I believe, QR generation is simple using 3rd party APIs of which there are many.

Most anything any other dev tools can do is possible in Wappler with patience and time.


Hi, Welcome to the community.

We have converted a Wappler app into a PWA, so that works for sure.
And have also integrated QR code scanner.
QR code builder should not be a problem either.

Not sure about your first point - deep links. Haven’t used that part of PWAs yet… But given the nature of how PWA works, I don’t think any additional setup would be needed… It should just work.

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