New member here


I’m just getting started with Wappler. :grinning:
Previously built websites with wordpress, Clickfunnles and Builderall.

I was looking a solution to build my own app, so I started looking…

I had to choose between and Wappler, but at the same time I read that the Bubble drastically increased their prices, and read all about it’s limitations, so I decided to go with Wappler. I’ve already spent few hours learning the basics. This truly is a game changer! I have an idea for my app, but could never afford to hire a developer. Now, I think I can finally start planning and take my idea to MVP. :laughing:
I may need some assistance.



Hello @Petri ,
There are many people here to help you. Start with wappler now!
You will be addicted :smile:


Welcome @Petri. The best way to learn is trial and error. We’re all very friendly so ask away if you get stuck on a particular part.

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Welcome to Wappler! You have come to the right place! :sunglasses: