New Framework7 v3

From Vladimir (the owner of the project F7):
“No guys, need to move forward, v2 won’t be maintained anymore. I will release migration guide soon so you it will be easy to upgrade”:

This is really good to know as someone just really getting to re-learn Framework 7.

As the recently released upgrade guide from v2 to v3 indicates, there are not structural changes besides the new includes, so everything should work just fine made with the Framework v2 and later replaced with v3:

So we will add v3 support quickly as well - but you won’t see much of a difference.


Hi George,
next week I’ll start a new app and I’d like to test Wappler as “hybrid apps development tool” but before I’d like to know WHEN will be available the new version 3 (3.4.2) of Framework7.

Could someone kindly reply me about F7 v3 availability on Wappler?

Hi Michele,

Maybe you noticed that we just published a pretty large Wappler update…so we’ve being pretty busy.

Framework7 v3 is not in yet, but you can use the already included v2 - the difference is not that big.

We hope to get to v3 soon.

Ok George, thanks for the reply (sometimes I think you and Teodor have a black list where you put customers like me)… lately I’m busy too, so I’m not following the Wappler’s updates.
So I’ll start with the old version of F7 hoping for an upcoming update (that I’ve been waiting for months).