New File Manager Panel Bug, Folders disappear

I’m using mac version of latest wappler 2.1.2, File Manager is removing the folder when refresh it. i could not work on the new project, i have created few folders and then they disappear when changing the file extension for the files, also when refresh the file manager panel. Please check and add an hotfix if you can… its annoying to work with project.

OS info

  • Operating System : Mac OSX 18.6.0
  • Wappler Version : 2.1.2

Folders disapper in file manager (251.4 KB)

Hi Thines,

Thank you for the report, @patrick will investigate .

Please note that the New File Manager is in preview as experimental feature. So if any bugs are stopping you from being productive - just switch the experimental features off in Wappler Global Settings / System and then restart Wappler. The old File Manager will be available then again.

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Thanks, For now i just created the folder inside actual mac directory, not through wappler, so its fine for now… Git push will be available in next release?

same problem here

Thanks for the report, I checked the log file and this should be fixed in our next update.