New DB Connection does not appear in server connect

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Wappler Version : 3.0.1
Operating System : Mac

Expected behavior

I have successfully added a new DB Connection (Docker local) - and I’d like to select this DB option in the server connect. I’d like to be able to select one or the other.

Actual behavior

When I try to add a new DB Connection in a server connect, only the other DB Connection exists and not the new one. Both should be selectable.

How to reproduce

Create a new DB Connection, connect successfully.
Go to server connect
Add new
add new db connection

  • here is where the first db connection is listed, and not the new one. Both should be listed.

How did you create the database connection in the database manager - as a direct connection or as a server connect one?

It automatically created by setting the new target to docker - I believe it creates it automatically as a direct connect.

Can you please explain how did you create your DB connection?
You say that:

Then you say:

How exactly did you create your connection? Can you show some screenshots showing the steps you did?