New Database manager with Wappler 3.8.0

Maybe it’s because I have a Mac?
But in the database manager I can’t create a non-direct connection, because it always presents me with this:

If select remote target
Schermata 2021-02-26 alle 10.49.30

But the local target no longer appears available

Marzio, in order to edit your database tables you need a direct connection created in the Database Manager.
When a connection is only made in Server Connect, you cannot edit your database using the Database Manager and only on development targets.

Ok, but then how do I go about connecting a database without direct connection?

Do you want to be able to edit the database via Database Manager or no?

No for hosting that does not allow it.
But I would like to be able to use a non-direct connection to be able to handle the actions?

Then don’t create a direct connection and don’t use database manager at all.
Remove the direct connection and only use the connection in Server Connect, with Direct Connection option off:

Database manager is used if you want to manager your DB. If it’s not allowed, then don’t use it.

But if I create a new action and a server connection in the first step, it lists me only the direct ones that don’t work

I don’t understand you. What is not working exactly?
If your direct connection is not working the data will be used from your Server Connect connection …

You don’t create the connections in the server action steps. You define them under GLOBALS.

Ok now I understand.
Sorry but I was stuck in how database connections were managed previously
Thank you