New browser.print() - how to use


I’m looking to use the new browser.print() functionality. But, I don’t how exactly this can be setup.

Currently, on the dmx-click event, I redirect user to a new content page that has been set up as an invoice. On this page, I have provided a print button to call the javascript:window.print(); function to open the print dialogue box.

Is the browser.print() function supposed to browse to the invoice content page and open the print dialogue box on a single dmx-click event? Is it going to replace the browser.goto() action step or do both need to be used together? There’s no option to set properties for the browser.print() action.

An example of using the browser.print() functionality would be greatly appreciated.

The print option of the browser component will do exactly what your custom code does, i.e. window.print() it doesn’t do redirects and there are no additional properties for it.
You just bind it to a click dynamic event and that’s all.

Thanks Teodor.