New API Data Source - workflow

As we are finalizing the new API Data Source component, I want to give you heads up on its UI and workflow.

You start simple by inserting the new component: API Data Source
Where you give its Remote Url, define needed Query Parameters and headers.

After that you go to the most import step : API Schema Generation


This opens a whole new popup window, where you can fetch the output of the remote API, with the exact input parameters you want and use it as API schema:

Now it is time to generate your schema based on the given API url and the query parameters and headers needed to retrieve the right data.

Schema is now well generated. Even response headers are retrieved and added to the schema, as some APIs store extra useful information in the response headers:

Once the scheme is generated and available, it can be used on all data bindings on the page:

Like for repeating regions:

And image source bindings:

So that is all the great workflow of schema generation and usage for the upcoming API Data Source.

Let us know what you think about it.


Countdown 'til Thursday!

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This is great
Is there a way to call the service anytime?

Hey guys dont get too excited. Wappler means idiot and is a game for amateur lazy guys who just ‘develop’ stuff for their uncle and then show it to their mother who says how proud of them she is.


That’s right Niko! :rofl:


Hi George,

What has already been developed looks Great!, impressed with the dynamic schema generation.

it appears the hard work is done and the only thing missing is the body and method type; post/put. I could be wrong, but it should be a relatively simple addition :slight_smile: . Cheers @George

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Yes the hard work is done indeed :slight_smile:

This will be the “get” only component for data retrieval. That’s why it is called the “API Data Source”

We plan to have a second component called “API Action” that you can add as a form handler (just like Server Connect Form) and with it you can post/delete/patch form data to external API with same scheme builder and post headers options


That will be amazing I can finally have my MailChimp lists synced from their list to my internal database without doing anything too fancy. Hopefully hook into the live chat API and add their chat data to my own records etc. Wow. Can’t wait.


that’s all i need to connect to my existing back-end. let wappler handle all the front-end since this is where its shine.

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