Nested database query

Hey there, I am a new Wappler user and I am having trouble creating a database query in API action.
what I want to do is I want to get the list of all countries where I have not visited, Both are different tables and I don’t know How can I give an output of one API action to another API action as a condition.

Select * from AllCountries where CountryName Not in (select CountryName from VisitedCountries)

I have tried using nested-repeated-regions but I could not get wanted results.

This may help

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Hi Ronak!

Welcome to Wappler!

I have spent a long time grappling with how to do complex database queries.

There are various ways you can do them in Wappler, but if you intend to create a serious app, I would learn how to create a “view” in the database itself.

I think you will need to work in the database itself to create one, but in my experience it is by far the most flexible, and most importantly, high performance way to work.

Good luck!