Need to group results from database

Hi folks,
I need to filter a database for a make eg, ford - this can be done easily and I know how to do this part.
But what I want to do is show the results in 'Select" at the moment I can do that, but I need to group the makes for example if I have x10 fords in there I only want it to show one in the Select Box.

Any Ideas??

Use the distinct option in query builder.

Is there a video on this, I’ve tried to use the group by on the data source but it down not work and won’t return the results. Without the group by it will return the results but does not group them.

I am referring to the Distinct option in the query builder, not on the page.

Yes that is what I have been doing
Data Source : Database1
Query Builder: Make - (Group by Make)

Or is there something I am missing, sorry to sound dumb I have has a few beers after all

I am not referring to the front end. Just create a new query in server connect (this is where the query builder is) and use the distinct option for the column you need …

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ah ha ! Thanks Teodor, I’ll have a look at it in the morning when I get in to the office. Thanks for that hopefully it will work :slight_smile: