Nedd help with "A session had already been started" error message

Getting this error message after adding Security Provider Enforcer on one of web page.

can someone help me trouble shoot this?

The message means that there has been an output to the browser before the Security Provider Enforcer is called.

Make sure that the Security is the first thing in your document, i.e. before <!DOCTYPE html>

Actual the error is that session_start() is probably called 2 times. Do you have other PHP scripts other then Server Connect that is being loaded?

Thanks Ben.

Yes Patrick I do. I went to the location where it suggesting and I saw the script, but I was trying to remember if I created the script or Wappler did. Should I just delete it, because I know for sure that I created the folder that the script is in?

Usually when this happens I prefer deleting the session_start() from the file which is not created by Wappler.

Can you send the path to the file you want to edit? It might help tellig you if it was created by Wappler or not.

Thanks Nikolaos. I did have a custom session script that I was trying out in the top the document that I totally forgot about.

Thanks you all.