N00b NodeJS question: how to POST variables to custom js file

Hi there fellow Wapplers,

So I have a NodeJS n00b question for the NodeJS-ers: how do I use variables from a (server connect API action) POST request in a custom js file?

For PHP I know I can just post the values like so:

And use the variables in the php with this code in the top of the php file:


// Get variables from form post

$folder_name= isset($_POST['folder_name']) ? $_POST['folder_name'] : "";

$file_name= isset($_POST['file_name']) ? $_POST['file_name'] : "";

$naam= isset($_POST['naam']) ? $_POST['naam'] : "";

$adres= isset($_POST['adres']) ? $_POST['adres'] : "";

$postcode_plaats= isset($_POST['postcode_plaats']) ? $_POST['postcode_plaats'] : "";

and use a variable like so:


In this case I use the tfpdf php library to generate a huge batch of pdf’s. Works great!

So the question is: how do I do this exact same thing with node / js files?
I want to use this fdpf nodejs port:

I can generate a pdf by running a js file, so that’s awesome.

But I don’t get how to use the variables in a js file.

I did find some tutorials on Express.js. Does Wappler use Express.js?

Any help is greatly appreciated :grin: :grin:

ps: yes I know there is a html to pdf custom extension. thanks :blush: