Mysterious "target project options"

I m trying to configure this mysterious “target project options” while Create an Action file for a Mysql Connection…
Can someone point to where is that setting option ?


I strongly suggest you to check the getting started docs, before using Wappler:

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From the Test connection Logs I get, I read the following.
Althought the ftp PW/User seems to work and “folderOne” is detected, the final result is "failled server connection "
1)…is that “only” an FTP path setting problem ? :roll_eyes:
2) The log seems to show that a file named : “wappler_ftp_test.php” is created/deleted durring this test… is that really the case ?


Note, I m not up/downloading any file a this time

Are you sure your webserver url is properly configured?
Shouldn’t it be:
instead of just

not sure of that. no …still trying to figure out the right “full pathname”
…always struggling in ftp witht that…:no_mouth:

Cpanel A2hosting is creating a new ftp Path such as :
/home/ (A2username) / (website name) /mydataftp

…and this is where I m trying to figure out which part goes where…

hmm…none of the path I m setting in can remove the Test error message:

bing online with the A2 hotline trying to solve that…still

Well, this should be explained in your service provider documentation.
Usually they point to the httpdocs folder, not to an ftp folder.
Please check the hosting provider documentation.

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Correction made !
Tks for your Patience and willingness Teodor !

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That is why we made this extensive connection checks :slight_smile: so no errors are made down the road and are so much more difficult to track when your ftp connection and paths are not matching.

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