MySQL/PHP Database Connection

Just a simple question, which PHP ‘protocol’ does Wrappler use to connect to a MySQL Database, mysql, mysql or PDO. It looks from the generated code to be PDO, but I am not sure.

Sorry, typo in the above. It should be mysql, mysqli or PDO

We use latest PHP PDO in the Wappler’s Database Connector

So everything PDO does we can do.

Thanks George for the prompt reply. I’ve just spent the last week figuring out mysqli, I’ll have to read up on PDO now.
Thanks again.

Hi @gregg,
Actually you don’t need any knowledge of PHP PDO, as you won’t need to work with serverside code. Everything is done through the UI and the code is automatically generated for you.

Hi Theodor,
My remote database server has a different name to that of my testing server. For development purposes I have a copy of the database on my testing set-up,in order to maintain the same code base I manually code the host name based on the domain name. My managed server is hosted by 1and1 and their recommended approach is host = Localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock. This approach was required by the MySQL api.The Mysqli api will fail using that approach, you just need to specify localhost and it resolves theUNIX socket. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to test how PDO handles the situation.
So whilst I accept that Wrappler we generate the server code, I do need to modify and thus understand the server generated code to meet my specific needs.

Hello George…kudos to your doggedness in making Wappler the best…I have just updated to the newest version, things get better every day.
Please look at the graphics, what have I done wrong, it connected on the DW platform, but not my Wappler…please help

Hi @Bankym, please check that port number for me, MySQL is normally on port number 3306 as far as I can recall and you have yours set to port 21 which is for FTP and not MySQL connections. Let us know if that solves the issue please.

In addition to @pswebcomment - you better leave the port field empty, so that it will just use the default one.