MySQL connect not connecting

I’m trying out Wappler and I am unable to connect to my test database using MySQL odbc

I’m using the same information that works in my odbc desktop connection what are my troubleshooting steps?

In Project Settings you need to specify the Server Model and create a target for you to work in. For more info see

Thanks Ben for your response but I’ve completed all of the steps and I fail on the connection. I have verified that that I’m using the correct target but it just won’t connect. When I check the odbc connection on my machine with all of the same setting it connects successfully. I’ve tried several different ways to no avail. I must be missing something basic. the server address I’m using the odbc connection provided by hosting when I test I get error using this database connection! bur rthe server response: is blank

Maybe your DATABASE (mySQL) accepts connections only from localhost (dedicated itself).
Check that thing. Maybe you can change accept connections restriction not only from server itself.

I’m trying to connect to an sql database on godaddy hosting. I still have not been able to connect though I am able to connect on my odbc connections on my computer. This is discouraging as I need to get a connection to teast and learn before my first 2 weeks are done

Why are you actually using ODBC? Can’t you just enter the server address and login and user for mySQL? ODBC just adds another complexity layer.

Some questions to help us troubleshoot:

  • what is you server model?
  • what is the error you get?
  • a screenshot of the database connection dialog might help to see all the options. You can blur the sensitive options or send it via private message.

Thanks for your response. Honestly I “think” I’ve tried it both ways. My reference to ODBC was mostly because I was verifying that it was actually functioning somewhere. I have used an access database for years for data in dreamweaver and it has served me well however I feel if I am going to learn a new software I should learn with sql or MySQL. Let me get a fresh start today and see if I can get this off the ground. I will send screen shots if I have troubles.

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I would suggest switching to PHP and MySQL as database as those are really most commonly used and you got them for free with each hosting

changed site to php, set up a connection . added a new MySQL and I get this error

Hi Rodney,

Try adding port 3306.

Also, you should never post passwords in the forum as this is a public forum.

Also you should use PHP for mySQL not ASP. If you do choose to use ASP then special drivers needs to be installed that you don’t have - hence the error.

oops I thought I was replying on a private message. I deleted the databases

not sure what I’m doing wrong there I have (had) both databases connected in dreamweaver dsn and tested fine connection is set up as php and connects successfully. about ready to give up

I reset my hosting account completely and added a new database. I set up a new project in wappler and verified the target, I am connecting fine. I added a data folder in the server connect and set up a data connection using both the web site ip or localhost (as directed by godaddy) I get an error file not found

I tried an odbc connection from my machine using the ip of the web site and connected successfully the first try


File not found means that you haven’t correctly setup your connection to the remote server in the Target options.
So the FTP upload points to different folder than you root web folder …

success. I set up the remote directory and the connection worked

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I thought I should note that setting the directory in the target setting appears to be the thing that made this connection finally work. I believe this was done or at least visualized differently in dreamweaver and obviously in my desktop ODBC settings where I was able to connect. Getting over the hump of connection the data was an important step now I’m finally to where I can start learning. The contributors on here were very helpful.

Hi @rokit. Could you share how you have gotten to work with the ODBC driver, please?

That was a while ago… I’ve since switched to mysql because the old data stuff changed. It was our internal site and I was using a difference connection type. Now I do push and export some data to the mysql tables.

Thanks for replaying… I will continue trying to make it work. I would need it to get the best performance in the current cloud provider.