MySql 8 or MariaDB 10.3.8 on Amazon AWS


Hi Guys,

I need to use recursive CTE on one of my projects and it is only available on MySQL 8 and from MariaDB 10.2.2, so I created a database server on Amazon AWS, but I can’t connect to it from wappler.

The error message:
SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can’t connect to MySql server on ‘server’ (111 - “connection refused”)

I can connect to the server using SQLyog or MySql Workbench, so it is only an issue from websites (including phpmyadmin…)

As far as I know MySql changed the default password encryption and since then it stopped working even on the newest php version.

Any of you had this problem before and have a workaround so I could use CTE queries on wappler?

Many thanks!


Perhaps this link can help, seems you have to set authentication to mysql_native_password.


Thanks Patrick! The default_authentication_plugin is mysql_native_password by default on Amazon RDS - Mysql8 (I assume because everyone had this issue), but still no luck. Since then I created a EC2 instance with Ubuntu and installed apache/php7.2/mysql8, then changed the configuration manually in the ini file but still get the same error message in wappler.


By the way anyone could advise on the best php version for wappler and the required/recommended extensions on hosting? This is my setup right now:


Ah found the issue… as didn’t have better idea, tried to upload the files to a different hosting server and connected to all instances succesfully. It seems some of the hosting providers blocking the connection to a 3rd party db servers.