MySQL 5.6: Problem fetching database table columns - takes long time

Yea I don’t understand, its the same web site and database I’ve been using for 2 years and the suggested solution is to find a different hosting provider. It’s nearly impossible to work on my site at this point.

What version of mysql are you using? Maybe ask your hosting to upgrade to mysql8 if you are using some old version.
Also the slow fetching of tables can be fixed by adding the following to my.cnf

innodb_stats_on_metadata = 0

In my case, I’m having this issue with MSSQL database. Is there a similar setting I can change to resolve the timing out issue?

well if you can also include a debug log file, so we can check the problem.

with 3.78 when i click query builder I jet get a blue glow
I was hoping to get som eresolution to this as it has made me unable to manage my site

The database manager still does not work

Do you have the database manager working?

Did you check my reply earlier:

I checked with my provider and they cannot upgrade on the shared plan. I also don’t know where the my.cnf file is.

I’ve spent the morning researching hosting providers and that is overwhelming to do quickly.

I exported the data from this database and imported it into a new database on another shared hosting plan of the exact same type and it works and connects fine.

OK this is the log from the site that is not working, then another site wth the same plan where the connection works

chrome_debug (5).zip (3.3 KB)

chrome_debug (6).zip (4.5 KB)

Could you check the exact MySQL version that you are running?

Seems that this is a bug even in MySQL 8.0.19 and is being solved in 8.0.21

Maybe you can just upgrade?


MySQL Version 5.6.41-84.1

yes seems it is really way too old and there was the slowness problem also.

So if you can upgrade to MySQL 8.0.21 - you will have it all solved - and very fast as well.

the other tat works is the same version.

Hostgator tells me that with share hosting I can’t upgrade. if I’m going to switch hosting I need some recommendation quick for something that isn’t horrible in cost but will give me the features i need. i do this for free for this web site

I have attached the debug log, generated after refreshing the Jiwa_LVA connection under DB Manager.

All other connections in the DB Manager list are connecting to the remote databases correctly. (3.9 KB)