My first mobile app - done in 15 mins

Thanks, working great now :sunny:

Check out my first mobile app… (1.2 MB)


Wow - I thought you were beginner :slight_smile:

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It is amazing that w/o any experience (and I’m not a coder, my background is hardware) I could build a working test app that works on a mobile phone in 15 min.

That really is mind-blowing - when the word gets out about Wappler I think it will go crazy.

Thank the Wappler team for me - I wish you guys were in drone range - I would deliver some pizza :laughing:


haha - so you are building now drones to deliver pizza Norm? :slight_smile:
I should put you in touch with the CEO here in Holland - he is an old colleague of mine :slight_smile:

I think they can use some good drones :slight_smile:

“Look! – Up in the sky! – It’s a bird! – It’s a plane! — It’s PIZZA!”

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