My cheap Chinese charger..... Office madness ensues!

How about a device that can knock out routers, monitors, vinyl cutters, printers and portable hard-drives… How about a €15 cheap Chinese replacement laptop charger…

Been driving me mad for days everything in my office has been failing. Yesterday a 4k monitor went after two weeks of use, today two portable Seagate drives and a vinyl cutter! Even the office television went on the blink, literally.

Unplugged the charger and everything returned to normal!

I’m sure this charger could be good fun so tomorrow I plan to go back to the store where I purchased it and plug it in behind one of their shelves next to the POS system…



It’s all that Huawei spy technology hidden inside it scanning all your systems


R.I.P. 4K Monitor…

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First thing tomorrow it’s off to EEVblog to be investigated!


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