Multiple wappler windows on Mac after logout

Really an FYI, rather than bug!

Wappler Version : 2.5.4
Operating System : mac 10.15

If you logout of os x and ask for windows to be re-opened on next login, wappler opens up several windows.

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Weird! Are they really open? And also different windows? As we do have Wappler as a single instance currently.

Yep, in one case I saw two wappler windows and could switch file tabs, but that’s as far as I went before I bailed out.

i can confirm this and replicate it 100% of the time.

Log out of user with reopen windows selected it will open three instances of Wappler. Close them and re-open Wappler it will open two instances of Wappler.

Had to restart computer to get it to function correctly again.

Will investigate the issue