Multiple value on text area

Hi everybody of the Community!

I have an exotic request… I have a list of names:
1 Alfa
2 Bravo
3 Charlie

and a form made with a text area.

Now I m asked that when people click on some of the name, it add the name in the text area.


I click on just Alfa and Bravo . and in the text area I should get:

Alfa Bravo

I was thinking to use concatenate but I m maybe wrong. any ideas?

(or should I purchase a weapon to use agains this client?):rofl:

thats not exotic at all
all you have to do is add the new value + the old value

Yes… the concept I understood… but how ? Maybe I m using wrong data formatters…

shukran! @mrbdrm

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:
how are you displaying the names that the user click?

td dmx-on:click="varInputField.setValue(cat_reg_type)"><a href="">{{cat_reg_type}} </a>

it appears in the form but it disappear in a second