Multiple "password fields" for Security Provider

We’d like to extend our Wappler cms and it’s login system with the possibility for the user to also use a login-key (sent by SMS) instead of a password.

As Security Provider accepts only one password field, I’d like to request to extend this to be more flexible. Maybe by moving the password field to the user/permission part of the security provider? like this we could define multiple “password” fields.

How is the flow with the SMS authentication? A simple solution with the current security provider is to query the database for the user, check the SMS code is correct and the log him in with the username/password you retrieved from the database.

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Patrick, you mean we enter the password “in the background” by the script when using the SMSCode-Login? That would be a nice and smart solution.

Yes, you just use the username/password that are stored in the database to log the user in after you have validated he entered a correct code.

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Great way to do this and quite easy to implement. Thanks Patrick.