Multiple Lightbox Groups In Repeat

I have a repeat of cards, where each card has a bunch of images.
Using a repeat inside the card, I am able to setup a lightbox UI, where first image is shown. On click of it, the lightbox opens with all other images that user can scroll left/right.
First image link has the dmx attribute which looks like this: dmx-lightbox:lightboxroomcardsdesktop="".

But, since the above setup is on each card, the GROUP (lightboxroomcardsdesktop) of each lightbox cannot be dynamic using $index, the lightbox once opened, allows scrolling through all the images of all the cards.

Here the sample code:

<div class="d-flex flex-wrap justify-content-center" is="dmx-repeat" id="repeatRooms" dmx-bind:repeat="">
                                <div class="card pkt-m-12 shadow pkt-border-radius pkt-mouse-pointer pkt-accomodation-card">
                                    <div class="card-body h-100">
                                        <div class="mb-3 pkt-roomcards-img-swiper position-relative">
                                            <a dmx-bind:href="il_url_local" dmx-repeat:repeatimages="GetImages" dmx-lightbox:lightboxroomcardsdesktop="">
                                                <img alt="Card image cap" class="img-fluid w-100 h-100 pkt-img-cover" dmx-lazyload-dynamic="" dmx-show="$index == 0" dmx-bind:data-src="il_url_local">
                                            <dmx-lightbox id="lightboxRoomCardsDesktop" spinner="Spinner3" noscrollbars buttons="show"></dmx-lightbox>

Is there a way to define dynamic group names inside each of the repeat?

@patrick Any ideas to fix this? Not sure if this is going to be in tomorrow’s update.

Would really like to have a workaround for this soon. Need to deploy this in a day.

It’s currently not possible to have the groups dynamic due to the way the groups are added:


We will have to rewrite the plugin in order to allow this, which i am not sure will make it for tomorrows update.

I thought so. But was hoping if a quick workaround was possible. :crossed_fingers:

@Teodor is there a work around for this? Has the plugin been updated? I really need a dynamic group name.

No, that’s currently not possible.

Hi @George @Teodor, do you think something can be developed soon or another workout in the interim? This is causing quite a number of issues on our site, with images cycle through to the next record in the repeat?

I don’t think anything can be done with the current groups implementation.
Maybe @patrick can check if that can be improved.

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