Multiple File Upload Form Generator

I’ve tried the Insert Form Generator and it works perfect for a single file upload. However, when I try the same method to generate a multiple file upload it fails.

By fail, I mean the only thing that is visible after the form is generated is the Submit button.

Is there something that I am missing…?

The tutorial may help you.

For the server side, have a look at

For App connect:

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Thanks Ben! Less than 10 minutes ago, I was viewing your work on the tutorial. Impressive!

If I may, I will use your tutorial to rebuild what I have currently. I have been very interested in making a switch to modals as you have utilized in your project. I’ve just been too timid after several attempts some time back.

I appreciate your assistance with these suggestions immensely.

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Thank you for your kind words.

I tend to use modals for the administration section of my projects because there we use Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) actions. In the past, I used to send the user to different pages for the various functions; but by using modals, the users stays on the one page.

I use modals very sparingly for the public section of the site. I think that this could be a hindrance for user experience.


And thank you for sharing your expertise!

Hello Ben
Your project is very well done
Have you integrated the possibility of using Dropzone?
What are the implications, if any?