Multiple actions for element dynamic attribute

i would like to see this added please
for example hide the element when one of multiple conditions happens

Can you give an example?

disable the button when server action 1 is processing or when server action 2 is processing or when form is submitting

You can do that now … you can even completely hide the button.

Or perhaps I just don’t understand your example. :wink:

i want to disable the button and enable it again when any of these actions are done.
and the button disable is an example :slight_smile:

Just select the button, click dynamic attributes > disabled > when > serverconnect1 > executing …
Same for any other conditions.

i know that.
but where is the multiple actions? that is single action.

Are you referring to dynamic ACTIONS or to dynamic ATTRIBUTES?

its in the title

I must admit I am having a hard time thinking of a specific use case where this would be needed?

I will try to explain this once again.

Select the button, add new dynamic attribute, select input then select disabled.
Click the dynamic data button to select a condition. Select expression:

Add your expression … when the server action is executing:

Add some operator ( && or || or whatever it is needed)
Select your other condition:

Add whatever you need here … and as many conditions you need. It’s as easy as that.

I am also interested where would that be needed and in which cases would it be useful?


i have more than one form on the page and i need to disable specific buttons until the server action is completed.

didn’t know about the change to expression, that is really great.
i like wappler by the day!

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