Multi Update little bug found

Hi Wappler team, sorry I have not been at all active for quite sometime, however I finally completed a massive project and am about to start another, this time, a brand new project where i will be using Wappler only.

The fist parts of this project have gone very well and smoothly so far, and even this little bug i found has been pretty simple to overcome, however I figured I should at least make you aware of the issue.

Wappler Version : 2.2.7
Operating System : Mac Os X 10.14.6

Basically I start off with a query to the database, which pulls the entire table, then I want to update multiple records in a single submission to the server, however only on select fields.
Step 1: Create a simple database query
Step 2: Give App Connect access to the Query
Step 3: Create a multi update database step
Step 4: Use Bootstrap 4 form generator connected to the Multi Update server action, and populated by the database query from step 1

Result: The value field references the entire server connect path ie.[0].name as though the populate does not recognise that it is within a repeat region and should be referencing the last segment only, of name.

I have made a small video of me going through the procedure and the result, and i apologise in advance to @Teodor as I know how much he loves watching muted video with a mouse cursor doing circles frantically to try show the problem, however with the above text and the video I would imagine it should make a little sense.

Multi record update Wappler Bug.mp4 (66.7 MB)

I’m hitting the same bug. It’s easy enough to address the data binding, but for some reason I am not able to troubleshoot, the update fails without throwing any errors.

I eventually got it to work by editing the name binding as well. In my code, this is what I ended up assigning it to: