MS SQL Views and Missing files

Hi jut getting into the deeper end of Wappler and I have hit a couple if issues I can’t resolve.

  1. I don’t seem to be able to see or use any MS SQL views when I set up a query. Tables appear fine in the query builder but no views at all.


  1. When I view a test page in the browser with javascript console running I get some strange file not found errors for include DMX scripts etc. (see screen shot below) These are referring to some files in directories that do not generated by Wappler and so do not exist so I am unsure how to fix them.

Hi @diggybob

What server type are you using (PHP, ASP or ASP.NET)?

That's nothing to worry about. These files are only needed for our own debugging purposes and they are only called when your browser dev tools are open.

Currently trying ASP

Hi Teodor

Panic over! My mistake, I didn’t realise that the query builder lists tables alphabetically at the top then seems to follow with the views alphabetically below so I have now found the view I need is there all the time.

Sorry to be a pain, I am only just getting going and there is an awful lot to get accustomed to in Wappler!