Mp3 Player add on

How can I add functionality of a MP3 Player, or any kind of music player in general? I need something that can support a song list, full album cover and plays as each track as it is selected while stopping the previous track, with control bars. I see DMXzone has Hero Sliders but nothing for audio.

We don’t have an MP3 player currently as component, but as more users request it we definitely consider making one

A music player is a must have on any site that wants to showcase music and artists. Please create one or partners with a company that can work with you to integrate it.

I thought an audio player was added? Am I wrong? For the first time in 20+ years I actually need one.

I am currently on Bubble, but am very interested in Wappler. I need an audio player for my site. An add on would be really help!

Most modern browsers support a native MP3/Audio player in HTML5 by using the <audio> tag. See more here - No surprise but IE is not supported.

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<audio> tag is supported for by all browsers. IE 9+ is supported, nobody develops for IE 8 anymore. App Connect also target IE 9 as minimum.

An alternative is using Flash, but most modern browsers block Flash by default.

Maybe add a html5 audio “componant” in Wappler that has params the user can fill for source and whatever is available in html audio player spec?

You can already add HTML 5 audio component in the DOM panel, where all the standard HTML 5 components/elements can be found: