Moving to Different Server

Question is, which file contains the DB connection (Host, DBUser, DB Pass and DBName ) details that I can manually edit when I move files onto a different server.

If I don’t want to use the inbuilt FTP system in Wappler, what files do I need to edit manually for my application to work when moved to different server?


You should be able to edit the database connection directly in Wappler by editing the database connection step.

However, if you still need to edit the file directly, it is located in dmxConnect > modules > Connections.

As far as FTP goes, as long as the file structure is intact, you should be able to upload it using any FTP program, the only thing that needs to be edited is the database connection file.

Thank you. @scott Meaning the database connection file is dmxConnect > modules > Connections
I will try this and update. Thanks

@scott upon examining the dmxConnect\modules\Connections\connection1.php
I see the code below on line 10. Since there is no password in this connection string, will it still work?

`"connectionString": "mysql:host=localhost;sslverify=false;dbname=policy;user=root;charset=utf8",`

I am not sure about the no password in the database connection, I have always had one, even on my local server.

You can always try it without it and see if it works. If it does not work, then add password=; after user=root; and see if that works.

I can confirm that, after adding the password , it worked.
Thank you

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