Moving from Development to Production

I have a few questions on how to move an application to a production

  1. Going live - moving the whole develop application to production?

  2. Making changes to your production site once you have tested and built them out on the development site?

  3. What happens to the database as when you move from development to production you may want the new database schema but not the actual data entries?


This is totally dependant on where you host your website. It will vary depending on your hosting environment.

You will end up with a development target and a production target. All development gets done on the development target and only publish to production when ready and tested.

If you aren't using a third party database app you will be using the Wappler database manager. There is documentation and videos on using that. If you are not familiar with databases I would use the DB manager.

Maybe this can also help you

PS: Someone here will advice you on: backup backup backup :slight_smile: