Move items around on page

I inserted an image in the header portion of the body of the page but it is not at the top of the page where I want it. I cannot figure out how to move it up there. It appears that I cannot just drag it to where I want it. How can I move it to where I want it?

Do all your reordering in either the App Structure panel or in the DOM Tree panel, you can not just drag it on the design view.

I am talking about the position of the picture within the header. Not the position of the image in the structure of the web page. For some reason if I use one of the built in templates I can’t move the picture to the top of the page but if I create a blank page I can.

I see, sorry for the confusion, does your Header have a child Container, with a child Row, and a child Column, if so then maybe look at the App Structure, Click the Column, and try the Vertical Align properties possibly.

Thank you I’ll look at it more. I am new to Wappler, trying it out and so far am not finding it very easy to work with.

I know it can be tricky because it is quite different, have you looked through the docs here

Yep and not much help.

Hello @dcsage
It is not clear what you want to move and where? Do you want to move it in the page from one element in another? Or do you like to “move” it using CSS?
Please provide an example (you can attach images here) and a link to the page in question if possible so that we can help you.

I too am having trouble to figure out how to position a heading on a page. Again I am new to all of this. I would like to position the title of the site middle left on screen. No clue where to find the proper positioning attributes.

Well it’s hard to answer this without seeing your page/code, so please share a screenshot showing your layout and/or the code also.