Most popular / recommended server / db providers for wappler

Its not the easiest system to run, i greatly prefer azure or do, but its not too bad.


Sign up to the oracle cloud platform.
(i also noticed, that in my region it wouldnt let me setup free server, because so many people are using them. But if you just sign up for billing (put card details in), it will skip the queue and assign you one, and youll still get it for free)

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No, I decided to stick to MySQL for a while. I don’t really need Postgre that much.

But thank you for this suggestion! How would it work inside a Wappler? Will I be able to just use a visual DB query builder?

My technology stack:

Hosting: Hetzner (use Wappler’s promo code)
DB: PostgreSQL
Server model: NodeJS

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DigitalOcean has been my preferred provider for years. Their interface is easy to use, provides most everything you will need, and are very affordable. You should almost always use the same host for everything that you’re hosting (web server, database, load balancers, etc). You do not want to introduce latency between the various parts of your hosting stack. Most of the larger providers give you a choice of region for your hosting (Amsterdam, New York City, Singapore,etc.). All parts of your hosting should be in the same region and datacenter. For instance, Digital Ocean has two separate datacenters for Amsterdam. Make sure you select the same datacenter for everything.

DigitalOcean also provides Managed Databases and I would recommend using one so you do not have to worry about keeping it up-to-date and available. It’s worth the $15 per month in my opinion.


Love it! thank you!

Anytime! Also, Wappler helps you manage them with its Resource Manager.

Here’s an example


Hi @kfawcett,

thanks for manuals :wink: as I’m finishing the tutorials on yt I got one main question - on the beginning we created a local db for the project itself. So just for my understanding - I can first create everything locally - develop the complete app and then “push” my local db to cloud db and my project files to the cloud server ?

You got it! Develop locally, then push to cloud when desired.

Some types of development work , like setting up OAuth to Google for mobile clients, will necessitate creating a Cloud development instance for development, but other than some small use cases like that you can development the majority of your app locally and not have to worry about paying for hosting until you’re ready.

Ok but that feels kinda magical xD - How it’s possible that my server on Oracle (ie) will know about my db on Digital Ocean :open_mouth: ?

It’s wapplers magic ?

You should have everything on the same hosting provider. Not sure what you mean by Oracle, but typically you will have a web server (e.g. node.js with Express) and a database server.

All applications, whether using no-code/low code tools or regular coding, typically have a configuration file which defines the database and how the application server will connect to it. In Wappler, it is defining/writing those connections for you within the Database Manager.


Technically all of that is ultimately written into files that are initially stored on your local machine in db.json and project.json under the .wappler directory.

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He refers to using the Oracle Free Tier to host and take advantage of the free stuff…which is quite a lot :slight_smile:

@x1Guru you would just point your server to the IP of the database server. It can be in the same machine or network. Or miles away. No magic. It’s just how networking happens :slight_smile:

Thank you @kfawcett :wink:

One last question - can I develop my app (and learn) for now on the edu license and then when I will be ready to commercialize my project - swap to wappler pro license? Or that’s against the licensing?

@x1Guru, do not have your database in a different data center/hosting provider from your application server. You are introducing latency and will impact performance long-term.

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That’s a bold accusation! :joy:
You are not wrong, but you are not right either. It really depends.

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The educational license allows you to only do non-profit work. If you are going to build a for-profit app, then you need the individual license.

If you are an agency/business then you will need a business license.

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I’m going for Frankfurt 1 for the Digital Ocean - I’m not sure yet If i Can setup Oracle there - but this is one of the main location in EU for most of the digital services so I assume Oracle has one farm there as well :wink:


But wait. Why are you going to set up your remote servers already? Aren’t you going to build the thing first?

You don’t need to spend anything if you are just going to learn and build. Except for Wappler’s subscription.

Hehe - no no, I’m just registering for all those providers so I can learn their stuff :wink:

I will not subscribe to anything yet :wink:

Oh ok. I saw you in the create cluster page and I thought you already sold your house, car, and dog to pay for stuff you don’t need.

Just start building. The conversation about hosting is for another day. Maybe in a few months. You are not going to learn anything from oracle or digital ocean that you need to know right now. It might just confuse you.

Just rest knowing that Wappler already does the heavy lifting for deploying your apps and it might be even easier due to more features they add between today and the moment of your first deployment :slight_smile:


Oracle is a company, as well as a database and, now, a cloud provider. So, it’s semantics, but something important to understand and differentiate between them when talking about “Oracle”. Are you asking about Oracle databases or Oracle as a cloud provider?

Ultimately, you are going to build an app. That app is going to need to be hosted somewhere. Whether that’s with Oracle, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, or some other cloud provider it doesn’t matter. The main recommendation is to use one of them for all parts of your infrastructure. There are times when you could deviate from this recommendation, but I wouldn’t for most development unless you really know what you’re doing.

Once you decide on a host, then there are going to be a few different servers you will most likely setup. Those include:

  1. A web/application server
    If you’re using node.js in Wappler, then this will usually consist of a Linux server like Ubuntu. On that Ubuntu server you will have node.js (application server), Express (web server), and possibly some other components).
  2. A database server
    The most common database servers to use with Wappler are MySQL, Postgres, or MariaDB. You are not limited to these, but I would recommend one of them. This is also where I’m confused as to if you’re asking about the Oracle database type as an option on Digital Ocean. Oracle and MS SQL databases are typically used by enterprise-sized customers as they both require licensing with costs that are usually prohibitive to smaller companies.
  3. You could have any number of additional parts to your infrastructure. From load balancers that sit in front of multiple application/web servers to caching-type servers and CDNs like Redis or DigitalOceans Spaces CDN that help improve performance. I wouldn’t worry about these for now, but just know that they are possible and Wappler can even help with some of them.