More Tab Features

It would be useful to have more control and options for tabs.

The ability to reorder tabs - or to delete those to the right or left, or all but the current one - is a very common, probably expected, feature of applications with a tabbed interface - eg text editors, browsers, Finder (OSX). Dreamweaver has this feature and I find it very useful.

Typically, right-clicking a tab offers other useful features; it’s often the quickest way to access file-specific features (no need to hunt for the file in file manager).

I’m mainly referring to file tabs, but it would good to be able to reorder other tabs - eg in DW, I always have Server Connect on the left of App Connect. (This is a relatively unimportant matter.)

Good idea indeed - we were thinking about the same possibilities - but now sure if we can make it for the first release, maybe later

I think it’s a pity that very old requests like this may be forgotten, so in case there might be interest amongst the many new Wapplers…

I still think this would be a useful feature, and one which would add no visible clutter or complexity to the UI. Eg these are some of the options in a text editor I use. Several of these would be useful in Wappler too - mainly, closing tabs and the file-related options:


(Tabs can be reordered - so that request is fulfilled. Also, I don’t think there would be any benefit in swapping Server and App connect panels - though detachable panels for multi-monitors would be good.)

Moved this to the feature requests as it was in the old beta requests category and we don’t look there much :slight_smile: