More functional file manager

To add edit functions on right click like rename, copy and duplicate.
Ability to drag file into folder.
Option to chose default file type on creating new file, for example .php instead of .html.

Yes all the standard actions like rename, delete and move will be available. About other new files than html we are still looking for the perfect workflow

So if you have suggestions post a sketch or screenshots

Good to hear.

I think depends on server model, just add “New PHP file” (or “New ASP.NET file” in case of using ASP.NET server model) option below the “New HTML file” option. If possible, please also add “New CSS file” option. All freshly file created should be preloaded with initial content so user can easily edit from there. I know Wappler aims to be more visual web builder than text editor but there should be a flexibility in place so user can customise the elements that’s probably not yet support in Wappler by adding custom code.

Two DW file manager options I use a lot are ‘Explore…’ and ‘Compare with Remote Server’. The second can be linked to a file comparison/diff program (I use UtlraCompare) - the local and remote versions pop up side by side.

It would be great if these could be included in File Manager. (I’m not sure if this should be a new wishlist item, but it relates to this one.)

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Good idea Tom! Shouldn’t be difficult to implement, except the compare - do you mean html source compare?

maybe you can add clear unused files , images etc…

Yes. HTML source compare. It’s a really useful feature which you can set up in preferences (screenshot below). I imagine DW downloads the remote file, stores it in a temporary location and sends the two file paths to the application. DW doesn’t specify an application - I suppose as long it can accept these two parameters it will work.

I know this a very old topic, but I was searching feature requests for a dimly-remembered thread and came across this - under ‘wishlists’. Have wishlists been replaced by feature requests as a type of topic? Perhaps I should have started a new topic, but this one already has 6 votes and it has the right title.

In any case, most of these issues have been addressed now, but an outstanding one mentioned above I would find very useful is ‘Ability to drag file into folder’ - mainly from external applications (File Explorer or Finder). It almost seems possible, eg on Windows I can drag a file from Explorer into Wappler:

… and it looks like I’m going to be able to drop it, but I can’t. (I would want to copy it rather than move.)

Similarly, it looks as if I can drag files into code view (which would be useful too). Here, I’ve dragged an image and a file name appears (but obviously not a very useful one):


One of the main reasons I would find this useful is for moving files between Wappler sites (eg server action files). So, another related feature request would be an option to copy/paste in file manager (ie within Wappler).