More FTP upload options

If I make edit and save a file - in either Server Connect or App Connect - in most cases I would just like that one file to be saved and/or uploaded to the server (depending on what target is selected). There may be other files I’m working on, or test files or various other files I don’t won’t to put on the server. As it is, if I save a single file in Server Connect (even if I haven’t made changes to that file), a number of files are uploaded and several thousand log file lines are generated. Similarly, if I save an App Connect file, every Wappler file on the server is checked and other (‘user’) files may be uploaded or replaced.

I appreciate that the current setup may work fine for most people most of the time. I would just like the option to have more control - ie to save only the file I select. Perhaps this could be an Options setting.

In relation to this, I think it would be useful to have a file upload button in Server Connect as well as App Connect (if the above change were implemented).

This was prompted by the current problem I’m having where saving an action file breaks the website. However I wasn’t happy about the level of automation before and was slightly nervous about having the target set to remote anyway, not being very clear about the implications of saving a file. For the time being I’ve disabled the remote target and shall use an FTP program.

I noticed the same too. @George Could you please explain the idea of those many connections as I’m sure that I have modified one file and no linked files have been changed whatsoever.

Also, is the git functionality running? I couldn’t find the .git folder in my project folder even though I enabled viewing hidden files.

Appreciate your application and the efforts you put in making Wapplet.

Well when you save the current page only the page gets uploaded.

If you add a component / extension to the page that need more js and css files, those do get auto uploaded.

Also saving a server action the action but also missing server connect files might get uploaded if they aren’t yet.

So the only other option to upload multiple files that I can think of is that you are using the “publish to target” command from the toolbar below - and this one synchronizes the whole site.

Could you make a list of other files getting upload on page save?

We don’t have yet the git publishing in place but will soon have it as it is much better way of publishing a site than ftp, but of course your provider have to support it


Thank you for your fast response.

I have just modified a page element h1 to BOLD and below is the FTP result, some lines are overwritten in the output too:

Start upload for enter.php
Start upload for bootstrap/4/spacelab
Start upload for bootstrap/4/css
Start upload for bootstrap/4/js
Start upload for dmxAppConnect
Start upload for dmxAppConnect/dmxBrowser
Start upload for dmxAppConnect/dmxNotifications
Start upload for dmxAppConnect/dmxFormatter
Start upload for dmxAppConnect/dmxBootstrap4Navigation
Start upload for dmxAppConnect/dmxBootstrap4TableGenerator
cd ok, cwd=/domains/HIDDEN/public_html/HIDDEN
cd ok, cwd=/domains/HIDDEN/public_html/HIDDEN…]
cd ok, cwd=/domains/HIDDEN/public_html/HIDDEN…]
cd ok, cwd=/domains/HIDDEN/public_html/HIDDENnse…]
5310 bytes transferred in 2 seconds (3.2 KiB/s) iting for data connection…]
Upload completed successfully…
Upload completed successfully… g for response…]
Upload completed successfully… data connection…]
Total: 10 directories, 15 files, 0 symlinks
Upload completed successfully…

Well actually what you see here are not real uploads but just synchronization of related files indeed.

So the ftp client is just checking if the needed for example bootstrap files are on the server and if not uploads them. If they are already nothing happens.

Note this is only for related files of the used extensions. It is a part of the file versions and update check on save and then uploading new versions to server if needed.

In Wappler 5.2.4 you can publish your project with a single click to any remote target, applying automatically database changes and even commit and version to git.

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