Mongodb Connection

Is there a way to connect to mongodb running on localhost with Wappler?

We don’t have a MongoDB connector in Wappler yet. Also MongoDB as a NoSQL database is quite different to be queried that the current SQL databases we support.

So I will nove this to the feature requests and if enough people vote for it, we will consider implementing it.

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Thanks George

This may seem like a dumb question but how about through like Atlas cloud?

Can we move the mongodb connection up a notch. Look at mongoose for the connection scripts as it keeps inline with schemas.

MySQL is ok for basic projects or POC, when it comes to mass data projects and BI applications it just doesn’t cut it.

And the biggy: Investors aren’t interested in MySQL solutions, it is considered hobbyist. You say MongoDB, CouchDB, Dynamo etc and they listen.

While we are at it JWT auth tokens vs session auth: PLEASE!! then we can play nicely with other solutions.

You can already use Atlas via API. We are running our own Mongo servers and accessing them via the JSON data connector.

Well, while MySQL could not be the best choice for some really specific cases it’s in no way a hobbyist solution :slight_smile:
Even Facebook is using MySQL as a main database …

As George explained if enough people vote for this idea we will consider adding mongodb support. Not in our top priority list at the moment btw.


Well you don’t have to use MySQL, there are also other pro choices like Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server.

But I think to issue is supporting also document based databases (NoSQL) next to the relational ones.

We hope soon to add support for those as well. Starting with PouchDB and it’s server side CouchDB

MongoDB is actually running behind in popularity since they went all commercial. But will see what we can do.

It is more about the document based storage rather than SQL.

Couch with Pouch is a great choice. One of Coolest ways to build apps.

Will that be a couch built to the Cloudant spec? Ie with the full text / fuzzy text search capabilities?

If yes that would awesome.

What would the security layer look like? Proxy based?

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Vote for this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey team just wondering if there is any near-term plan for MongoDB or other Document based DB connection natively in Wappler (e.g. CouchDB as mentioned) ? I’m looking at MongoDB now, and if this is something coming soon then i’ll hold off on this myself and wait for the implementation.

Appreciate any updates here @George so I can better plan.

Vote +1 for MongoDB

I have setup a boilerplate and I have developed a full library set for mongo.


My library lets you connect to mongo locally, via docker or directly to mongo atlas.


Any update on this?

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This is good… I will give it a try though I dont really have a clue… Im getting there

Can I down vote MongoDB. Having used it for 2 years, we finally dumped it out frustration, lack of performance, lack of data integrity, and a dozen other reasons.

What a day it was when we switched over to Postgres. 10x faster, JSON columns, acid and most anyone understands performance tuning and SQL

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I am going to be using Postgres but I was uncertain about it. I’ll take your work for it… Now if I could only get this thing connected to a remote server without the errors

It’s a very worthy database.

Unfortunately that’s often the way. It’s a frustrating part of Wappler’s journey of discovery