Model/Database Default Field Configuration

Dhiwise has a great feature that I would love Wappler to include. They provide a configuration page to select some common fields that are added to every table/schema created.

I would love for this to be taken one step further and allow us to define the fields. For instance, I would like UUID, createdBy, createdDate, updatedBy, updatedDate, isDeleted, and deletedDate on every table.

You can vote for your own feature requests :slight_smile:

Also voted for this one

Edit: In the database, lowercase with an underscore: created_at, updated_at, (…)

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Bump. This would be a great quality of life improvement. :slight_smile:

There was a feature request/discussion about this a while ago. The requests are not exactly the same, but perhaps close enough to be merged.

I would agree - if it were not easily resolved by using one of the many database management tools available. I can’t imagine Wappler’s database manager will ever equal such tools - and I hope not too much effort is put into trying (as there are so many other features to be implemented).