Modals - Properties

Modals are really powerful tools.
Are there easy ways to alter the properties, not of the text but the ‘screen’ that is the modal body.
Can we alter colours and can we alter the opacity- transparency?

There are quite a few properties for the modal itself

Select the individual parts of the modal to change its properties, e.g.:

The back colour affects the colour ‘outside the modal.’
I feel the modal would look good with an ephemeral feel to it. Similarly to change the modal’s colour

You can (visually) change every single property of an element by using the Design panel.

To alter background opacity just add something like

opacity: 0.4;

to the CSS file definition for that object

so your custom style would look something like

.style5 {
background-image: url("…/img/Breaking-Bad.jpg");
opacity: 0.4;

Thanks, Brian
It works
Tomorrow I will test it to see if it is what I want.
I am amazed at how far I have got. I am now altering CSS into the script and changing that too. Getting hold of the way WAPPLER works was not easy.

I am telling you this not to brag. I am a 74 (next 75) year old shrink. If I can get this far imagine what more competent people can and how broad your potential audience is.

I do think the guidance is to be improved. It needs to be more theoretical at first and far more comprehensive and continuous. There are far too many inconsistencies in continuity. Subjects are started and not finished.

The format using stills and stage by stage is excellent, but it is not comprehensive. At some point, you have to decide who your audience is. Is it programmers who know little design – CSS — alternatively, the opposite. It would help if you took the lowest
common denominator. Everything is there, but it is far too trial and error. You have a brilliant product. Teodor is a genius, but, you must get the tutorial side up to the same level.

Just saying–

Thanks again

Yes, i agree, documentation is not good enough.and from my point of view they seem to be getting to reliant on my good nature as a customer rather than stepping up to the mark themselves.
I am currently between contacts ( i am semi retried (61) , don’t like to work too hard) but once my next contact starts I will not be in a position to offer the same level of support.
I get no benefit from the Wappler team, financial or otherwise, I even pay full price for my subscription, i do sometimes feel a little used.

But delighted you are getting to grips with Wappler and it just shows an old dog can learn new tricks!

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Now that is a surprise.
Even so, could we users together try and improve things. George’s format of ‘silent movies’ is excellent but—
I feel there should be an overall overview and a systematic framework/ All explanations need to be idiot tested. (That is for me !)

If you are reading this, George, do you want to talk?